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Every Wednesday, I drop my fee from $500 to $100 for only 5 customers.

Those 5 customers may then nominate a person deserving of a free website and the reason why. I will choose one of those nominations and complete that website for free.

What you get:

WordPress website (5-pages)

  • Home
  • About
  • Services/Product
  • Contact
  • Blog

Content Management – allows you to edit your own website without a lot of technical ability.

You supply the message and photos/videos and I’ll do the rest.  Once I have all of your content, I typically complete your website in a day or two.

If you need a domain name (website address) and/or hosting, I can help with that too, via

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HTML Websites
Web Advertising
Affiliate Marketing
Social Marketing
Website Monetization

Custom Coding

Web Hosting Packages
Dedicated Servers






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UI + UX = A+

A successful web design marries the user’s interface with the user’s experience.

Responsive Design

A massive amount of your traffic visits your site from a smartphone.  We have you covered from desk to mobile with our single responsive design, ensuring your visitors get a beautiful experience from their tiny phone to their huge PC monitors.

Custom WordPress

Soar to new heights on the world’s biggest web platform, WordPress.  With Divi, the smartest, most flexible theme available, the sky is the limit with maintaining and creating new content on your own web space.  Click here for more information on the Divi theme.

eCommerce Websites

Customer conversion is key to a successful ecommerce website. Extend your brand with a digital shopping cart and open the door to a whole world of consumers. Whether the target is B2B or B2C, We’ll get you to where you need (and want) to be.

Stacks ‘N Racks
Nashville nightlife promotion.

Portal for handyman services.

A comicbook e-com website.

Action Burger
Comic-themed Brooklyn restaurant.

Advanced Practice Claims
Medical billing services brochure.

Armaan Media
Arts and technology development.

Jennifer Mills is as good as it gets when you want to deal with an expert developer. Her high level of expertise coupled with amazing integrity and the ability to get the job done right the first time make her an amazing person.

As an old west historian and author, it was essential for me to have a vehicle by which to promote my work. I consulted with Jennifer Mills and determined that I needed a website. After selecting Jennifer to do the work she setup my website on WordPress. Jennifer expertly linked my books back to their sales page on She completed the setup on Facebook and Twitter including adding Facebook integration into the website. Lastly, Jennifer added video hosting to the website.

Jennifer is detail oriented, quick to respond when I need help. Offers multiple ways to solve my web challenges, and very reasonably priced. Jennifer provides great service, top quality work, and value. I highly recommend her for your web work.

Glenn M. Davis

Author, Keeping The Peace

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Remote Control

Why It’s Okay That We’re Not in Your Neck of the Woods

Why you should believe in letting people work remotely.
1. It lets you hire good people who can’t move. For every one person who is in your location or is happy to move there, there are 100 more who are not.
2. People who work remotely are far more productive. Remote developers work longer hours than in-office staff. It’s not required, but when going to work is as simple as walking upstairs (pants optional, but recommended) people just tend to put in more hours and work more productively.

How I do it.
Video chat – Do you feel the need to meet me and my team? No problem … I can set you up on Google Hangouts for a video chat with everyone on your side of the table and mine. I skype, too.
Chatting, Messaging, and texting (Oh, my.) – I use text, an assortment of chat programs, Facebook groups and messaging, and yes, email. In 2016, the world is a lot smaller than it once was.
Temporary URL – I set one up and share the address with you so that you may follow along in the progress of your website build. Later, it becomes a training ground for teaching you how to manage your own website!

About Payment

How we make it so easy and affordable for our customers.

For your safety, and mine, I invoice through PayPal.  This allows me the ability to collect payment without storing sensitive data, like your credit card number (which I never see).  No, you don’t have to have a PayPal account to make payment.  You will simply receive an email with a Pay Now button … click it and BOOM … all done!  That was easy.

I typically request 50% of the project cost to begin work, and the balance is due after you’ve approved the final website and before I launch it to your domain.


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