Action Burger

Action Burger is the first and only sci-fi comic and video game themed restaurant.  Located in Brooklyn, NY, Action Burger boasts 250+ old school video games, gaming tournaments, movie nights, multiple MeetUp groups, and the best burgers in the city!  Oh, and did I mention the amazing bar specials on craft beer and milkshake cocktails?  The Gravity Shockwave is a fan favorite and includes Cask and Cream, Kahlua, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, garnished with Oreo’s and vanilla cookies! The owner of Action Burger, Vlane Carter, is also the creator of the sci-fi comic series, Bio-Sapien.


In anticipation of their featured appearance on Food Network’s reality series, Mystery Diner, Action Burger was in need of a website redesign.


Action Burger and I reviewed the existing website, identified its weaknesses, addressed the aesthetic, and revealed the issues that resulted in poor conversions.


Some of the issues identified were:

Structure was lacking; there was a hectic sense of clutter.

The focus was too much on events at the restaurant, while access to the menu was limited.

The aesthetic was too minimal and needed color, organization, and more white space.

Social media integration is critical to a business like Action Burger, and was lacking on the home page.


Issues identified in the review were resolved:

In keeping with the client’s request to retain as much of the original website as possible, the home page was de-cluttered  by removing unnecessary elements, such as photo thumbnails in the sidebar.

Graphic links to the menu and daily food specials received prominent placement at the top of the page.

White space was added to make the site more readable, and primary colors were added to brighten the overall feel and to match the enthusiasm of social gaming.

Social feeds were reworked and given a more prominent placement on the home page.

More videos were added to the home page, for better consumer interaction.