David Kempf has written over fifty short stories, many with themes of horror fiction. He has won several writing awards including first place in Millersville University’s Lemuria magazine’s short story competition. Two of his short stories were selected for the 2007 publication of The Grackle. He is a frequent contributor to the British website www.mastersofhorror.co.uk.


2016 – A prestigious family is hiding a dangerous secret. It’s deep within the walls of their grand estate. But no secret can stay buried forever.

The Petsorcist

2011 – A dedicated priest, who is part of a deeply secret and unappreciated order of exorcists, seeks help from a secular millionaire to battle evil. Dedicated and fearless, the priest soon realizes he might need to confront an evil as powerful as the devil himself, and that in doing so, he might pay the ultimate price. It’s not long before the priest finds himself trapped in an Orwellian nightmare of demonic possession and betrayal. The Petsorcist combines humor and horror to tell a different kind of story.