Web Design Tips for Beginners to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Written By jennifer

On 08/05/2016

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These days, your business needs an online presence. It is an important component in the process of marketing your business to an online audience. The primary objective when building a website is to market your products and services. And for that, it is essential to ensure a maximum number of people visit your website.

The design of a website plays an important role in building a committed audience. You can go for an SEO-friendly Web design to make your website rank high in search engine results. Or, you can just follow a few tips on Web design to increase visits to your website to generate maximum leads and revenue. So how do you get the maximum amount of visitors to your website? Here’s a quick look at some Web design tips for beginners.

Manage the Content Prudently

Even to this day, when it comes to the world of websites, content remains king. But even if you have excellent content, it will be of no use if you can’t use it properly. This is where Web design becomes relevant. It helps to manage content in the most effective manner.

Focus on proper Web design that manages content in an effective way to attract the maximum number of people.

Use a Responsive Design

How important is a responsive design these days?

Well, I was surfing the Internet from my desktop computer and I found a website I liked. I was in a time crunch, but I really wanted to go back to the site and make a purchase. So a few days later, I thought of checking out the website on my phone. To my dismay, I found that the graphics and text of the site were in total disarray.

This is why almost every website these days needs to be responsive. Websites need to appear perfectly on all kinds of devices. Many people these days use Internet-friendly mobile devices. These devices help them to remain connected even while on the go. In fact, mobile traffic has tripled in the last three years. So obviously, it’s important for this audience to be able to see your website properly.

Plan Proper Navigation

Let’s imagine that Steven loves shopping online, and he has some favorite websites he likes to shop from. But one day, he finds that the design of one of these sites has changed. He tries searching for his favorite products, but he cannot find his way through the website easily to locate them. So Steven stops visiting on a regular basis.

This clearly demonstrates the role well-planned navigation plays in increasing and retaining traffic. And it should make one thing abundantly clear – from one page of a website, you should be able to move to other relevant pages of the site with ease. Only then can you expect people to stay on your site for a longer period.

Make Landing Pages Attractive

Just ask yourself, would you buy anything from a shop where the products are kept in a disheveled manner – or, would you go for one that has a well maintained look? Surely, the latter.

The same holds true for a website. You need to design the landing pages of your site properly. The homepage should be dynamic enough to engage visitors in no time at all.

Integrate a Blog on Your Website

Well-written content on a blog offers information and insights to the reader. If the blog content is unique and high quality, you will notice that visitors return to it. You might also have subscribers who follow updates on your blog. How this helps you is:

You can add social media buttons to blog posts to ensure that they are shared on different platforms, increasing your reach.

Blogs increase website content and this content is essential to generate better organic search results.

You can create backlinks to your website pages from the blog posts.

It’s a win-win situation.

Replace Image Files with Text

Do you use images in place of simple text to transfer information? These images may make the appearance of your website better, but they’re probably not helping much with organic reach. Your website may perform better by replacing those images with text that’s crawled by the engines.


Your website can use design in many ways. It’s up to you to decide the type of design that you want for your website and that will work best for you. Make those decisions wisely to ensure that your website design helps to draw plenty of traffic to your website.


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