Jennifer Mills

Web Designer & Developer

Jennifer Mills is our resident Lead Web Designer. She, with her team, manage the design, visualization, and identity branding for our clients. Jennifer has been designing for over fifteen years and has loved every minute of it. While she can design to any specification, Jennifer’s approach to design is clean and minimal, with a strong focus on the mobile consumer.

Michele Godwin

Content & Project Manager

Michele Godwin is our “word girl” and “Mother Superior” when it comes to managing the projects that contain anything word-related. Michele has over 20 years of administrative experience as senior legal administrative assistant. Noted by the attorneys for whom she worked, Michele was often given kudos for her proven proficiency in drafting/revising a multitude of legal documents, memoranda and letters; heavy editing and proofreading of attorney-drafted pleadings, memoranda and various other deadline-oriented documents; as well as a variety of internet research. Michele also assisted in the training of incoming admins. She has been writing website content and providing corresponding customer service and social media marketing to her clients for over five (5) years. If you provide the skeleton (What? Where? When? Why? Who? How?) of your business, Michele will build you a beautiful body (i.e. your website) that is rich with keywords and SEO terms to provide the web presence necessary to effectively brand your product and attract prospective customers/clients.

Clayton Johnson

CEO, Rootswitch, LLC

Clayton has previously worked for companies as large as Xfinity Signature Support (Comcast’s remote support department) in high volume environments, down to three man operations such as E-Form Communications doing access database work. He is fluent in PHP and C#, while maintaining a general knowledge of a litany of other programming languages. Other previous experiences also include construction, land management services, and fourteen years of doing IT work locally.