My work


The Axis Trailer

For my senior project at Huntington University, I worked hard with my partner to make Phantom Power Music’s song Date With Destiny come to life.  My main contributions were overall conceptualization, storyboarding, character animation, and camera movement.


Knight Animation Loop Reel

A client needed some animation cycles for his custom knight rig. This is a reel showing the cycles I made after I added textures and lighted the scene. Learning and adapting to a new client’s rig is always an adventure on its own.


DMA Disco Party

The collaboration of myself and two other artists. My work was specifically the center character’s animation. 


The Guest Part 6

The final part in a collaboration with my classmates. My team’s task was to animate a portion of a song called The Guest. Our portion was the only 3D section which meant we had to adapt to the art style of all the other 2D animated sections. See the full video here:

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