Remote Control

Why It’s Okay That We’re Not in Your Neck of the Woods

Why you should believe in letting people work remotely.

1. It lets you hire good people who can’t move. For every one person who is in your location or is happy to move there, there are 100 more who are not.

2. People who work remotely are far more productive. Remote developers work longer hours than in-office staff. It’s not required, but when going to work is as simple as walking upstairs (pants optional, but recommended) people just tend to put in more hours and work more productively.

How I do it.

Video chat – Do you feel the need to meet me and my team? No problem … I can set you up on Google Hangouts for a video chat with everyone on your side of the table and mine. I skype, too.

Chatting, Messaging, and texting (Oh, my.) – I use text, an assortment of chat programs, Facebook groups and messaging, and yes, email. In 2016, the world is a lot smaller than it once was.

Temporary URL – I set one up and share the address with you so that you may follow along in the progress of your website build. Later, it becomes a training ground for teaching you how to manage your own website!